The Faculty of Dentistry extends its inspiration to provide oral health care to communities by an ambitious plan by launching a new mobile dental clinic in early 2011. This mobile dental clinic will strengthen the faculty and university commitment towards giving back to the community. Many plans have been proposed to ensure the facility is properly utilized and provides good oral health care and promotions around the country.  

The objectives of this unit are:
1.    To provide a challenging and innovative practice environment for the students.
2.    To expose students to different community backgrounds and needs
3.    To provide oral health care services to all UiTM campuses throughout peninsular Malaysia and other communities

Members of the public or any organizations may request for the service. However,
•    The faculty will consider any request for the service and subjected to the availability and suitability of the area proposed.
•    It is advisable to request at least 2 months in advanced for the service.

How to request for the service?
Please download this form and send by mail or fax to us. | Perkhidmatan MDC|

Head of Operation,
UiTM Mobile Dental Clinic
Faculty of Dentistry
Universiti Teknologi MARA
Shah Alam, Selangor,

Phone: 603 6126 6322
Fax: 603 6126 6103