Smoking is an addiction. Hence quitting smoking is not an easy task, but armed with a strong determination and desire to quit smoking as well as having access to excellent support, you will be well on your way to becoming smoke-free!

Our goal is to provide you excellent quit smoking support, advice and information to help you to quit smoking. At the UiTM Dental Centre smoking cessation clinic, we promise to provide you with outstanding support and encouragement to help you to quit smoking. We will help you identify your core motivation to quit smoking and empower you to take control and overcome your smoking habit

Our trained smoking cessation therapists will be able to tell you about nicotine replacement products and other stop smoking medicines. They can also recommend which product or combination of products could work for you.

We can also measure the levels of carbon monoxide in your body (the CO level) using a carbon monoxide monitor. We also use this as a motivational tool where we can show you how your CO level drops to the same level as a non-smoker's, just 24 hours after your last cigarette.

We will also be able to provide you with an evidence based bilingual smoking cessation app to keep you motivated between your visits with us.

How to begin?
Simply walk into our Dental Centre and ask to see the smoking cessation team or call 03-61266284 for an appointment.