Dental Student Association (DENSA)

DENSA which started in 2006 is responsible to conduct activities ranging from academic, spiritual, entrepreneurial, social, sporting and community services. The advisor for DENSA is Madam Norhayati Liaqat Ali khan. DENSA is financially supported by contribution from students, Students Affair Department and the faculty.

DENSA Committee selected for 2016 is:

President                 :    Mohamad Zairisafuan bin Jefri
Deputy President 1   :    Muhammad Haziq bin Mustafa
Deputy President 2   :    Nursyuhada bt Abdul Halim
Secretary 1              :    Nurkhairunnisa binti A.Kadir
Secretary 2              :    Mohamad Farhanuddin bin Ismailfarhan
Treasurer 1              :    Muhammad Al Akid bin Mohd Azmi
Treasurer 2              :    Nor Diyana binti Nor Hisham


Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar (MPP) sesi 2014/2015

Two year 2 students are represented in the Students Council UiTM. They are Nurhazwani bt Hashim and Noor Izzati bt Tasri who were just appointed on 4 December 2014.


Sekratariat Mahasiswa  Fakulti (SMF)

SMF was formed on 7 January 2015. SMF Committee selected for 2016 is:

President               :    Nik Aiman Ishtafa Bin Khairuddin
Deputy President    :    Nur Hazwani Binti Hashim
Secretary 1            :    Noor Izzati Binti Tasri
Secretary 2            :    Sujana Binti Ramli
Treasurer               :    Nur Syazwani Binti Rosli


Red Crescent Society (RCS)

Involvement with the RCS is compulsory as co-curricular activity for all dental students. They are exposed to experimental learning in basics of medical care especially for critical situation.  In the module, the students learn communication, teamwork and leadership skill.  The activities are organised on Saturdays in their first academic years where they are assessed on the theory and practical skills at the end of the course.



The secretariat for Faculty of Dentistry Alumni is based at the Faculty. It was established in Mei 2012 after the graduation of it first cohort in 2011. It was then headed by Dr Anas Ramadan. For 2014 the President id Dr Mohd Shah Affendy . The Alumni group has participated in the yearly Program Selangkah Pro and contributed financially to some of the students activities.