All new patients must participate in a screening evaluation prior to becoming a patient at the UiTM Dental Center except for specialist referrals. New patients may walk-in to our clinic during operating hours. Please bring all your medical information including medicines and any important documents pertinent to your health and well-being.

We do screen for a comprehensive dental care, not just only your concern. We do apply a holistic care approach which you may not be experience when attending other clinics. You may notice that our student doctors are well trained for the procedures and will be closely supervised by faculty members.


Please refer to this flow chart for more information of how our system works

First Appointment (Screening)

This appointment is a walk-in basis. Please come early in the morning to avoid any disappointment due to long queue or patient screening quota is full for the day. Upon registration, you will be charged RM10. You need to produce your legal identity documentation. For non-citizens, please provide with your passport and visa (if applicable). During the screening appointment, your basic oral health status and treatment needs will be assessed by a faculty member. Necessary radiographs (x-rays), or other diagnostic tests will be taken on the same day if possible.

The UiTM Dental Centre will accept most of patients. The patient is assigned to a specific student or resident clinician based on the complexity of care required. If a patient's treatment needs are too complex the patient is referred to the specialist. Please allow 2-3 hours for this visit. You may be waiting up to 6 months after the screening visit to be assigned to your student doctor (undergraduate) or resident clinician (postgraduate) to begin your treatment.

Treatment Duration

Our clinic integrates dental education with quality care as a teaching hospital thus appointments at our clinics generally last two to four hours except done with specialist. Please schedule or arrange accordingly.


We require a 24-hour notice for all cancellations. Please call +603 6126 6161/6162/6163 to cancel your appointment or directly contact your student. Treatment may be discontinued for patients who fail to keep appointments without prior notification, are consistently late or continue to excessively cancel appointments.

After Hours and Weekends

At this time, we do not provide afterhours service nor weekends. Those patients who require emergency treatment may contact the nearest hospital.

Referrals/Specialist Consult/Second Opinion

You may download our printable leaflet for more information.|Becoming a Patient|