We invite any individual or organization to contribute to our faculty as part of your continuous support to education and better healthcare to generations to come




  • Clinic Furniture
  • Patient comfort facility
  • Specialist clinics
  • Special clinics

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      Senior Assistant Registrar

      Tel : +603 6126 6653

      Fax : +603 6126 6103

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  • Dental Chairs
  • X-Ray Machines
  • CAD Cam Machine
  • Cabinetry systems
  • Ward beds and furniture
  • OT equipment
  • Dental instruments

       Support us via :

  1. Monetary Grant
  2. Purchase Equipment
  3. Built a facility
  4. Professional Service


      Any individual or organization who

      donates will be recognized as our

      contributors in many ways





  • Dental Materials
  • Clinical disposable items