Who We Are

Centre of Periodontology Studies  is a newly formed learning centre effective from 1st September 2011.  The Centre hold responsibility for the academic and clinical matters pertaining to the Periodontology discipline for the Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS), Doctor of Clinical Dentistry (DClinDent in Periodontology) and Introduction to Clinical Practice. We also prepares graduate and predoctoral students, as well as practicing dental professionals, for excellence in clinical practice, teaching and research in Periodontology

Events / News

Appointment of A/P Dr Fouad to Professor in Periodontology effective from October 2013

Our Objectives

To provide excellence and innovation in education undergraduate and postgraduate patient care and scientific discovery in the field of Periodontology. To meet these objectives, the Department's primary goals are to:

  • provide educational programs to train undergraduate dental students, graduate students and dental professionals in present-day knowledge and clinical practice skills pertaining to diagnosis, treatment and prevention of human periodontal diseases,
  • advance understanding of the interrelationships between fundamental concepts in Periodontology and other oral health disciplines

Courses / Programme Offered

  • Introduction to Clinical Practice (DCP 402)
  • Periodontology (DEP 502)
  • Doctor of Clinical Periodontology (DS  932)


The research interests of the center includes:

  • Alternative medicine,
  • Periodontology Medicine
  • Clinical Periodontology (Regeneration & Plastic Surgery)
  • Dental Implantology,
  • Patient Education Program

Our People

  • Dr Erni Noor (Head of Periodontology,Periodontist)
  • A/P Datin Dr Mahyunah (Periodontist)
  • Prof. Fouad (Periodontist)
  • Dr Farha (Periodontist)
  • Dr. Faizal Hafez (Periodontist)

Our Contact

Mr. Hazli ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)