Comprehensive Care is taught to dental students in Year 4 and 5.  The main aim of this programme is to produce dental graduates who are competent and capable to carry out preventive, promotive and curative functions – expected of a dental surgeon.  It is designed to provide students with sufficient exposure and experience in the principles of establishing and management of successful dental practices. We are focusing in preparing students on healthcare system in Malaysia, fees and third-party payment collections, associates and partnerships, hiring, and retaining effective dental team.

The course is delivered by experience lecturers and practicing management consultants to ensure that current practices and technology are presented to them.  Classes are taught in an atmosphere conducive to education in the form of lectures and coursework (seminars, problem-based assignments, research and clinical case studies).
By the end of the programme, students should have been exposed to the core skills on: ethics and legislation, health and safety, record keeping, cross infection control, clinical audit, peer review, dental public health, medical emergencies, practice management, general dental practice, quality assurance and clinical governance. It is expected that with the knowledge acquisition and the comprehensive patient care training will produce graduates that excel in manual dexterity, diagnostic and clinical skills and good understanding of the business aspects of the profession.


Head of Comprehensive Care Studies
Dr. Nik Zarina Nik Mahmood

Tel : +603-6126 6637

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