Who We Are

Our unique department has an amalgamation of specialists for various departments brought together from 2 courses which are DCC 607 (Comprehensive Care) and DOE 602 (Operative Dentistry and Endodontics). In Comprehensive Care course, we aim to equip students from Year 3 to 5 simulating the real scenario of a general dental practitioner work. It also introduces students to the privileges and responsibilities of being a health care professional in the society.
Besides clinical training in Operative Dentistry and Endodontics course which spread from Year 3 to Year 5, for students from Year 1 to 2, all the didactic, practical and clinical components aim to provide them with the knowledge and skill required to practice operative dentistry and endodontics safe and competently through Learning experiences are provided in both laboratory and simulated clinical environment, and guided by lectures, tutorials, problem based learnings, demonstrations, manuals, and self-reading.
In keeping up with the diverse changes in the local diversity, students in their final year will be able to participate in community outreach programmes involving special individuals and geriatrics thus giving them more of an edge as practitioners when they graduate. The faculty is privileged to have 2 special needs specialist with the right equipment and contacts to prepare students with the right skills to manage various patients.

Our Objectives

1.    Apply the technical, practical and biocompatibility aspects of dental material used for patients.
2.     Demonstrate appropriate selection and manipulation of dental materials for operative and endodontics application.
3.    Display appropriate bodily-kinesthetic and visual-spatial intelligence when performing various clinical procedures.
4.    Formulate a treatment plan, deduce factors that may affect the progress and outcome of a proposed treatment and manage according to principles of prevention and clinical practice.
5.    Combine evidence based practices and principles into clinical practices.
6.    Relate knowledge with all required clinical skills to adapt a holistic approach into the practice of dentistry including cariology, special needs, case integration and field work (community outreach)
7.    Analyze information in a scientific and effective manner, assist in critical thinking and problem solving for patient care.
8.    Develop the ability to propose a business plan in establishing a private practice including its management.
9.     Relate, integrate and apply basic sciences, behavioral sciences and clinical sciences learnt to the clinical process of patient diagnosis, treatment planning (Holistic approach) and execute the plan successfully.

Team Members


Dr Nik Zarina Nik Mahmood
BDS (Malaya), MClinDent Restorative Dentistry in Conservative Dentistry (Malaya)

Assoc Prof Col (R) Dr Ikmal Hisham
BDS (Malaya), MSc Restorative Dentistry (Newcastle), FDSRCS (England)

Dr Noorharliana Mohd Zohdi
DDS (UKM), MClinDent Restorative Dentistry in Conservative Dentistry (Malaya)

Kol (B) Dr Hayati Ishak
BDS (Malaya), MClinDent Restorative Dentistry (Newcastle), ITF RCS (England)

Dr Mohd Faiz Nasruddin
BDS (Malaya), PhD in Restorative Dentistry (Ireland)


Dr Marlena Kamaruzaman
BDS (Malaya), MDS in Endodontics (HKU)

Dr Afzan Adilah
DDS (UKM), MDS in Endodontics (HKU)

Dr Noor Ilyani Othman
BDS (Malaya), DClinDent Endodontics (Otago)

Dr Nurul Whahidah Azmi
BChD (Liverpool), MFDSRCS (England), DClinDent Endodontics (Melb)

Dr Nurul Ain Ramlan
BDS (UiTM), DClinDent Endo (UKM) ,MEndo, RCSEd.


Dr Norhasnida Nordin
DDS (Indonesia), MClinDent in Prosthodontics (Edinburgh)

Dr Nik Rahayyu Nik Zulkifeli
BDS(Malaya), MClinDent in Prosthodontics (Edinburgh)

Assoc Prof Datin Dr Mahyunah Dato’ Maasud
BDS (Malaya), MSc Periodontics (England)

Dr Mas Suryalis Ahmad
BDS (Malaya), DClinDent in Special Needs Dentistry (Melb), Cert in Teaching (Melb), PhD (Melb)

Dr Ilham Wan Mokhtar
BDS (Malaya), MSc. Pediatric Dentistry & Special Care (Gent)


Dr Nagham Mohammed Abdullah
BDS (Baghdad), MSc Orthodontics (Baghdad)

Dr Faisal Ismail Bahnasi
BDS, MDSc, PhD, MOrth RCS England

Dr Indah Yuri Noviaranny
DDS (Padjadjaran), Sp Ort (K) (UI)


Dr Mohd Kherman Suparman
DDS (USM), MFD (Ireland), Dip. OS (New York)


Dr Siti Aisya Roslan
IDG (UGM), Training in Periodontics (Gent)

Dr Najwa Baharudin
BDS (London), Training in Periodontics (UiTM)

Dr Nazurah Nik Eezamuddeen
BDS (Newcastle), Training in Periodontics (Malaya)

Dr Aminda Faizura binti Omar
IDG (UGM), Trainee Lecturer


Courses Offered


Bachelor of Dental Surgery – Operative Dentistry and Endodontics


Doctor in Endodontology – intake September 2020


 Research Cluster

  • Interprofessional and Dental Education
  • Autism


Latest News

1. DClinDent in Special Care Dentistry- expected intake September 2021
2. DClinDent in Restorative Dentistry- expected intake September 2022



Secretary- Mrs Bariah Adilah Johari (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)