The main scope of Student Affairs in the faculty focuses on welfare, comfort and the security to the students. Student’s activities are also coordinated through Dental Students Association (DENSA) and Secretariat Mahasiswa Fakulti (SMF)   to ensure students fulfil both spiritual and worldly needs and expose to the reality of the life beyond.


Dental Student Association (DENSA)

Dental Student Association has been established at Faculty of Dentistry, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) since 2006. The students’ association also known as DENSA, exists to represent all dental undergraduate students of UiTM and conducts various activities ranging from academic, social, religious and community service.

The executive committee members for 2016/2017 are as follows:

President                       :    Muhammad Aiman bin Zairuddin

Deputy President 1         :    Nursyuhada Binti Abdull Halim

Deputy President 2         :    Muhammad Fakhruddin Bin Zul

Secretary 1                    :    Mohamad Farhanuddin Bin Ismail

Secretary 2                    :    Safiyyah Binti Razak

Treasurer 1                    :    Nur Fatihah Binti Samsuddin

Treasurer 2                    :  Dzulfakhrul Najwan Bin Mat Daud               

Programmes for the year include Team Building, Pre-Intervarsity Game 2017, OPKIM 1.0 : Gotong Royong Perdana Sek Keb Sg. Buloh, OPKIM 2.0 : “Hold My Hand”, Sek Men Pendidikan Khas (Cacat Penglihatan) Setapak, Intervarsity  Game IVG 2017), Brush Hour & Bazaria, Ihya Ramadhan and New Student Orientation Week (2017/2018).




Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar (MPP)

Two year2 dental students are represented in the Student Council UiTM. There were no contest for MPP election 2016-2017 and both candidates were appointed. They are Nur Nabila binti Rosli dan Nurul Fazleen Anis binti Che Aziz.

Nur Nabila Nurul Fazleen



Sekretariat Mahasiswa  Fakulti (SMF)

SMF was set up at the faculty in 2015. The committee is tasked to assist Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar (MPP) runs activities together with other faculties and establish networking on matters of common interest.  For 2016-17:


President                       :    Muhammad Alif Faiz Bin Anuar

Deputy President            :    Nur Aliya Filza Binti Mohd Ayub

Secretary                       :    Faezah Alia Binti Azizan

Treasurer                       :    Nik Nur FAdleena Binti Nik Mohd Kamil

Planned activities for the year include corporate society responsibility and academic visit to the Faculty of Dentistry University of Andalas Padang, Indonesia, movie nights, joint committee with DENSA for Wirasa 2017 and Inter-SMF bond.


Red Crescent Society

Red Crescent society is a compulsory co-curricular activity for all dental students. Students are exposed to experimental learning in basics of medical care especially during the critical situation. Besides, they will learn communication, teamwork and leadership skills along the activities. The activities are organized every Saturday in their first academic year and an assessment of theory and practical skills is done at the end of course.



The secretariat for Faculty of Dentistry Alumni is based at the Faculty. It was established in Mei 2012 after the graduation of it first cohort in 2011. It was then headed by Dr Anas Ramadan. For 2014 the President id Dr Mohd Shah Affendy . The Alumni group has participated in the yearly Program Selangkah Pro and contributed financially to some of the students activities.