Doctor of Clinical Dentistry (Periodontology)

DS932 - Programme Description


The Doctor of Clinical Dentistry (DClinDent) programme may be undertaken by coursework which leads to specialist registration. The degree of DClinDent is awarded on the basis of submission of a dissertation and the completions of course work including clinical practice.

The dissertation should give evidence of the candidate’s ability to perform research, that the candidate has shown originality and independence, and that the candidate has made a significant contribution to knowledge in the particular field towards improving oral healthcare delivery.

Completed and successful dissertation should be accepted by the panel of examiners appointed by the university.

The research should be of a kind which a diligent and competent student is expected to complete within the four years of the study programme.

Candidates attend lectures, seminars, clinical work and other relevant activities according to the prescribed content of the programme.

Additional training is provided in the practical aspects of extended patient care and patient-oriented research in the field of Periodontology, including the ethics of clinical research and effective communication of clinical research results.

Candidates also prepare a cumulative log summarising the practical work performed in the field of Periodontology for presentation to the supervisors or examiners if requested at the interim and final examinations.