Doctor of Clinical Dentistry (Periodontology)

DS932 - Programme Structure


A DClinDent programme is a research project occupying 30% (maximum) of total program time. This project may be a new and independent one or be a discrete part of an existing research program. Another 70% comes from the coursework of the programme which address the clinical specialist training requirement. All DClinDent would share common courses for the research and coursework fulfilment.

The programme of study shall consist of Core DClinDent courses together with clinical practice (Specialty Courses), and a programme of supervised research, leading to the submission of a dissertation. The DClinDent courses, the clinical practice requirements, and the dissertation must each be completed satisfactorily or passed.

Core DClinDent courses are:
i.     Core Medical and Oral Sciences
ii.    Research Design
iii.   Biostatistics
iv.   Multidiscplinary Health Sciences
v.    Dissertation

Specialty Courses are:
i.    Periodontology Theory
ii.   Clinical Periodontology
iii.  Periodontology Residency
The candidate shall, before commencing the dissertation to be described in the research proposal presentation, secure the approval of the Faculty of Dentistry for the topic chosen and the supervisors.

A candidate will be required to pass both papers in the first and eight semester of the programme to be able to continue to the second and seventh semesters respectively prior to continue of clinical practice and research.


Programme Courses Code Part 1 
Part 2 
Part 3 
Part 4 
Part 5 
Part 6 
Part 7 
Part 8 
Research Design DRD901                
Biostatistics DBS901                
Dissertation DDS903                
Multidisciplinary Health Sciences   DMH902                
Core Med. & Oral Sciences DCM901                
Periodontology Theory DTE901                
Clinical Periodontology DCE902                
Periodontology Residency DRE907