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Welcome to the Centre of Population Oral Health and Clinical Prevention Studies. This Centre of Studies comprise the areas of community based education, dental public health, socio-behavioural science, preventive dentistry, health services, innovative oral health promotion practices; and patient care and professional development . The core function of this Centre is to ensure students are well equipped with the knowledge and skills in raising awareness of the patient’s oral health and enabling them to practice preventive dentistry with the ultimate aim of improving the nation’s oral health.



The Centre aims to provide the students with skills and hands on experiences in achieving competency in the field of community dentistry. Students will have ample opportunity to interact with patients and the community while delivering evidence-based information for patients to practice at home. Upon completion of the courses offered by this Centre, student should have obtained fundamental knowledge and the application skills of the philosophy, principles and practices of community dentistry . We seek to develop a generation of health care professionals and Dental Public Health Specialists that understands the community context in which it works and has the tools to incorporate a culturally-appropriate, evidence-based approach into clinical practice. We also aim to build collaborative relationships with other public health units and stakeholders outside of the faculty for research and development with the aim of being the main resource for oral health policy and research for the region.



Undergraduate Courses

  • The Centre of Studies offers courses both to undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • Undergraduate students will be taught the subject of Community Oral Health from Year 2 through Year 4. The module will be delivered in the form of lectures, seminars, case presentations and Problem-Based Learning sessions.
  • Undergraduate students will also be directly exposed to public health administration, oral health promotion and preventive dentistry through our Experiential Learning Program which involves the Year 4 students.
  • Our Centre of Studies in collaboration with other disciplines will also introduce the undergraduate students to research through our Elective Research Project Module. Year 3 students will be exposed to basic research methodology and biostatistics before embarking on to their research projects which culminates in the form of a scientific report and presentation.
  • Our Centre of Studies is also involved in the professional development of our undergraduate students through the Patient Care and professional Development Module where students are exposed to courses such as professionalism in dentistry, fiqh in dentistry, alternative medicine, and a leadership programme. This module spans over the whole 5 years course and is aimed at churning out dental professionals that have a broad vision of the healthcare world and are able to act in the community as well as clinical context.

Postgraduate Programmes

1. Master of Science in Dental Public Health (MScDPH)

  • The Centre of Studies also offers two postgraduate programmes; Master of Science in Dental Public Health and Doctorate in Dental Public Health.
  • Master of Science in Dental Public Health is a taught postgraduate degree awarded following the satisfactory completion of a full time one-year programme of study in research, theories application and clinical management related to the advancement of Dental Public Health Specialty.
  • This programme provides comprehensive knowledge and theories of the concept of public health, epidemiology, oral health promotion, oral health related quality of life, evidence-based practice, health economics and health care system. This programme is also designed to develop knowledge about public health, determinants of health, and the scientific and professional leadership skills to translate this knowledge into effective dental public health interventions. This course includes lectures, seminars, practical sessions, journal clubs and experiential learning.
  • The students should be able to steer and acquire basic scientific research skills along with a scientific approach in problem solving, ultimately producing a dissertation worthy of publication.

2. Doctor in Dental Public Health (DrDPH)

  • The Doctor in Dental Public Health is a three-year programme which provides applied fundamental knowledge and theories in dental public health at a doctorate level. This programme covers all aspects of applied dental public health which includes clinical preventive dentistry, global health policy, advanced research methodology, information and communications technology in oral health promotion, emerging issues in dentistry, a residency and dissertation .
  • The combination of all these components gives a wide exposure and a robust education to prepare graduates for a career as a dental public health specialist upon graduation.
  • This programme includes lectures, seminars, practical sessions, clinics, journal clubs and experiential learning. Upon completion of the programme, students must produce an acceptable dissertation and able to publish their research.




Through our research, we strive to integrate behavioural, social, economic, and cultural factors into interdisciplinary multi-level studies of health. Our specific areas of interest include:

  • Oral Health Promotion
  • Preventive Dentistry
  • Global Dental Public Health Epidemiology
  • Oral Health Related Quality of Life
  • Psychosocial Correlates of Oral Health Behaviour
  • Tobacco Cessation and Oral Cancer
  • Theories of Health Behaviour
  • Health Services
  • Assessment of Scientific Literature (Systematic Review)


  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Norashikin Yusof, BDS (Malaya), DDPH RCS (England), Master in Public Administration (USM)
  • Assoc. Prof Dr. Budi Aslinie Md. Sabri, BDS (Malaya), MSc Dental Public Health (London), DDPH RCS (England), PhD (London)
  • Dr. Nawwal Alwani Mohd Radzi, DDS (UKM), MSc Dental Public Health (Sheffield), DDPH RCS (England)
  • Dr. Noor Nazahiah Bakri, BDS (UiTM), MSc Dental Public Health (UCL), DDPH RCS (England)
  • Dr. Nor Faezah Md Bohari, DDS (UKM), Master in Dental Public and Primary Health (West Aust.)
  • Dr. Diyana Shereen Anwar, BDS (Al Azhar), MSc Dental Public Health (UiTM)
  • Dr. Azri Aliah Mohd Yani, BDS (UiTM), Master of Dental Science (UiTM)


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