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The health system in Malaysia experienced a tremendous & rapid development, in line with the expansion of the economy, rising population and the community's life status and also the development where Malaysia as an advanced country upon reaching 2020.The request for dental health service is so high and requires concrete action to overcome the problem. On 1st December 2002, Dental Faculty UiTM was formed and all the six  programmes such as Health Science, Nursing, Medical Technology Laboratory, Medical Images, Health Environment, Physic Therapy and Working Therapy were placed under the Medical Faculty. On 3rd June 2003 was the date where the first intake of students for the Degree Programme (Hons) in Medicine at UiTM. On 1st March 2004, the Health Science Faculty of UiTM was established and all the sixth programmes of the Health Science have been transferred from the Medical Faculty to the newly formed Health Science Faculty.The hope of UiTM Vice Chancellor was to complement the basic courses of Medicine by establishing the Dental Faculty such to offer the Degree Surgery (Hons) (DS 220). The formulation and paperwork for the Degree Dental Surgery (Hons) programme and the existence of the Dental Faculty was put forward on 22nd February 2005 for the Ministry of Higher Education and then the programme for the Degree in Dental Surgery (Hons) Faculty, UiTM was approved on 4th May 2006. The first group of students for the Degree in Dental Surgery (Hons)was taken in beginning the month of June 2006 for 2006/2007 session. With that UiTM has completed its aim as a comprehensive University in Malaysia.

Faculty of Dentistry, Universiti Teknologi MARA has been officially established in 2006. The Faculty grows stronger by the year with vibrant and energetic team of academicians and all staff members. The Faculty admitted its first class of students in July 2006. Since the inception, the Faculty has gained a national reputation for excellence. In addition to its first professional degree (BDS) programme, the school offers postgraduate programmes in research and soon a clinical doctorate programme. The Faculty also will offer the first programme of its kind in Malaysia, Bachelor of Oral Health. Many more programmes will be introduced in the near future to supply a high demand of oral health professionals in the country.

Faculty of Dentistry is committed towards quality education by having a constant review by the professional bodies and experts in and outside Malaysia. All of the curriculums are based on Outcome-based Education (OBE) to ensure graduates have what it takes for them in the real world. The facilities are equipped to assist students and staff members to give their best for the teaching or learning and clinical training. Teaching and learning also utilize innovative audiovisual equipment and teaching aids in the interest of extraordinary learning experience.